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School is in session!

By Tyrask tag - Posted Feb 16, 17

Your polls were taken. Your voices have been heard.  Now it's time to take action. Malicious1 will be holding the first Overwatch boot camp on Sunday 2/19/17 at 8:00pm est. We will continue boot camps ever Sunday weekly from then on. We have had a lot of success and fun in the past with bootcamp in MWO and I expect the same here. For those of you that play MWO, this is no surprise and you know what goes on during bootcamp. For those who are new to this, I will share the info.

Bootcamp focuses on building skills and team cohesiveness.  Usually there is a goal to reach or topic to cover during the evening. This topic  tends to change from week to week. It almost always takes place in a private lobby setting so that we can all learn and grow with friends and be in a non-aggressive environment. We also love having feedback. Positive and negative.  This helps us to facilitate a better experience for everyone. Because of this, at the end of bootcamp, Malicious will post an AAR. (After Action Report)  In this post he will give his opinion on what happened during the practice. Also this where everyone gives there two cents. Although not required, we like everyone to participate in the AAR. Tell us what you liked. Tell what you didn't like. Tell us what you did and what you think. Tell us if you saw something someone else did that you want to make note off or give praise. It makes us all better. 

I can't wait to see you all there. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Tyrask out.