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SOLARIS VII is back again!!!

By Tyrask tag - Posted Jul 14, 17

Hello everyone!! Tyrask here!! so as you know on Tuesday we will be getting a whole bunch of new tech and a whole bunch of new mech on the 18th in Mechwarrior Online. So to break in the new mechs we are going to have our quarterly Solaris Tournament. Rules will be like last time except we will be allowing all weight classes. As like last time Malicious1 will be keeping score and everyone will get a turn as ref. I want to see a super big turn out. The date will be Saturday July 22nd and the time will be 8pm est. Most fo you have been in one of these events before, but i would like to see some new faces as well. make sure you get some builds ready Alrighty everyone i will see you all there. LET'S BLOW UP SOME MECHS!!..............OH!! almost forgot. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. the details on that will be revealed the day of the event. also if some one would like to donate to the pool we can give out more and or bigger prizes. all that can donate will be appreciated. Good luck Mechwarriors.