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The Road to Change is long

By Lordzowy tag - Posted Dec 29, 17

Back in January we talked about a lot of things that were changing. Much of that has already been worked into the mix. But there is still a lot of work to do. I'm here today to talk about the most significant change we are currently undertaking. We, as a community are moving away from TeamSpeak. There are a number of reasons for this change. 

Firstly, TeamSpeak costs us money and time. The cost and effort to maintain and support TeamSpeak has become too great for the community to support. Automation and integrations that we have put in don’t work well despite our best efforts. The outages that have plagued us in the last year have become too great for us to continue investing in its maintenance.

Another reason is our community growth and introduction of new games; TeamSpeak has become less favored by those new gamers. The Overwatch community as well as other games have been deeply invested in Discord. There have also been some issues with some gamers and the TS client causing problems. Resource issues, connection issues and generally not working as expected 100% of the time. 

Finally, as a communication platform TeamSpeak has its limitation. Our groups have invested some efforts into mobile communications through WhatsApp but that has split us up a little and we wanted something to bring us back together again. TeamSpeak wasn’t working well as a mobile communication app either. We needed something else.

In September the leadership of the community met to discuss what was happening and what our next steps would be. We discussed our options and Discord was suggested as a solid option. Gaddenar and Exile set to work migrating our TS to Discord. Their efforts and work should be applauded and thanked. I personally thank them greatly as it has given us much more than WhatsApp or TS could ever provide.The Overwatch gamers adopted this very early on. It helped us mature the service a lot and add a lot more to it than we have ever been able to support on WhatsApp and TS. The rest of the community has been slowly moving to it. Which is the reason why our TS has grown so quiet.

As of early December some major players started finding their way to the Discord and it was quickly decided that it should be our sole communication tool. WhatsApp and TS are going quiet and Discord is hopping busy. For those of you that have still not made your way there, we would like to invite you to the Phoenix Dominion’s Discord server.

We hope to see you there:

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